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When do I need to have my order in by?

We ask by the end of Saturday.  If you miss the deadline you can reach out and we can see if there is still room to squeeze you in.

When does my order arrive?

During the day on Tuesday.  

In Manhattan the window is typically between 1pm and 5pm.

In Brooklyn between 1pm and 7pm.  

How long do the meals stay fresh?

At least 4 days.  The containers/meals can also be frozen.

Can I order less than the 4 meal plan?

No.  The fixed costs of preparing, packaging and delivering the meals are why there is a minimum and why the cost per meal goes down as more meals are ordered.

Do you provide nutritional information or calorie counts for meals?

No.  The meals we provide are prepared in a more intuitive "restaurant" style.  Olivia is personally overseeing the preparation and adjusts seasonings and ingredients on the fly to make the most gourmet and tasty meal possible and as such, nutritional information would not be precise.  The "Weight Loss Versions" of meals container fewer carbs and leaner meats, etc.