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How It Works

Step 1: Sign up for the email list to receive the weekly menu.  The menu changes every week and the new menu is released on Thursdays.

Step 2: Place your order through the website 

Order Here

One meal is a meal for one person.  You can mix and match choices in your order regardless of whether you are ordering for one person or more.  Just select the total number of meals you want delivered.

All meals are delivered at once and are fully prepared "heat and eat

Step 3: Write any adjustments you need to any dishes in the "notes to the restaurant" section on the submit order page.  If you have any questions regarding menu items, email me directly and I'll be happy to assist you.

Please place orders by the end of day on Saturday for delivery the coming week.

There is no commitment week to week.  Just order on the weeks you want delivery.

Please note that the typical delivery window for Manhattan is 1pm to 5pm and Brooklyn has two windows 1pm to 5pm and 3pm to 7pm.  If you need an adjustment to that window please email me at or leave a note on the payment page and I will try to accommodate the request.



  • Takes all meal planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning off your shoulders
  • No waste.  No throwing out expired ingredients or unused leftovers
  • Wide variety.  New dishes/menu every week
  • I use organic produce, grass-fed meats, antibiotic-free meats, and locally raised ingredients whenever possible
  • Personalized service.  You can adjust and change items to fit your needs if necessary.  Just make a note in your order.
  • All meals are cooked in an A-rated, Health Department inspected, commercial kitchen.
  • Promotes weight loss and maintenance. You can choose from the "weight loss" menu, but many of my clients have found they dropped a few pounds even on the regular menu because of portion control.
  • No commitment.  Simply ask to be put on the weekly menu mailing list.  Order on weeks you want to
  • If you're currently relying on take-out a lot, you will probably find the meal delivery service to be a less expensive, and certainly a healthier option.
  • They come packed as individual meals in completely compostable containers that are microwave safe. The meal comes cooked and ready to simply reheat.