Why Meal Delivery?
Why with Olivia Cooks For You?

No planning
No shopping
No cooking
No waste
Packed in fully compostable containers.
OCFY is small batch, truly local meals made with the highest quality locally sourced, organic, sustainable, grass fed, no antibiotic ingredients.
You have access to me, Olivia, via email and phone for any questions and concerns you may have. I am involved in every meal produced in our kitchen.
We are able to provide some customization of meals via the special request boxes on each item.
Meal delivery from OCFY is a much healthier choice than regular restaurant delivery because of
-lower levels of salt
-Healthier fats (only olive oil, butter, and canola oils and in small amounts)
-Confidence that your meal was prepared and cooked fresh each week
-every ingredient we use is either local, organic, grass fed, sustainably raised or wild.
Large selection of items including ones that are appropriate for weight loss, keto, gluten free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian.
New items/specials every week.
Leftover ingredients go to help support C.H.I.P.S soup kitchen and shelter.